About Us

We started as a father and his two sons making a few extra bucks at a flea market in Wellfleet, MA in 1980 selling $2.00 tees out of an old beat up van. From here things grew, soon after opening our first retail brick and mortar storefront in 1982 in Wellfleet, MA. Things went so well in Wellfleet that by 1985 we expanded to Provincetown, MA just a few minutes down the road at the very tip of Cape Cod

With sacrifices and smart decisions we were able to open our very own print shop where we grew up, in Enfield CT. The ability to print our own designs on clothing changed everything, soon we were making deals on blank clothing, saving us big time. Every penny we saved by printing our own clothing was passed on to our customers, and it's been that way every since. Our customer loyalty grew, making it possible to open a 8,000 sq ft. flagship location in Lake George, NY in 1986, another popular tourist destination.

In the coming years we would open 4 more stores in the Lake George Village, and 1 in Lake Placid NY... All of which are Riley family owned and operated. Our belief is that if we continue to provide exceptional merchandise for our customers, our business will continue to grow. Today we operate in 3 states, in 10 locations, and employ close to 85 people during peak season! We are family owned and operated and have been since day 1. 

Some Old Pictures

The old beat up van!  Enfield, CT 1980

Our First Print Shop. Enfield, CT 1983

Our first retail location. Wellfleet, MA 1982

-The Rileys

Wellfleet, MA 1982

Our second Cape Cod Store. Provincetown, MA 1985

Lake George, NY     -    Cape Cod, MA

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